Starting a venture of your own and taking control over your life and time is quite empowering and sounds amazing.

But it requires a lot of strategies and prepping. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about how you can start your freelance startup and achieve financial independence.

Decide Your Niche

If you have decided to quit your day job soon to take the helm of entrepreneurship, you must decide the niche that you want to target. It’s important to play according to one’s strengths and expertise.

If you are specialized in a field, your chances of succeeding are higher in pursuing it for your niche market. Everybody likes choosing a specialist for their project.

Set Up A Rate Or Determine The Pricing

It would be best if you charged a sustainable amount so that you may be able to make a comfortable living. Clients pay higher to those freelancers who succeed in creating a great impression and maintaining it.

All you need to do is to deliver high-quality content consistently. And steadily go up the prices according to your niche market. You can always start low and gradually increase the rates while working on client retention.

Develop A Captivating Pitch

It’s crucial to perfect your pitching for new clients to acquire more work. And as a result, make more money.
You can research how to write freelance job proposals and develop one that fits your needs. As a freelancer, you can create a template and keep customizing it for every different potential client.

Blog More Often

Even if you happen to be a programmer or a specific service provider, make sure your blog is often for your clients’ niche audience of your clients. People love to read about what makes them want to understand their pain-points around a product or a service.

So invest more time and energy in guest posting and blogging to grow your online reputation. This way, you’ll help prospective clients reach out to you because their audience finds you reputable and reliable.

Sites That Can Help Grow You As A Freelancer

This is one of the best and reliable freelancing networks that connect over millions of freelancers, recruiters, and clients. Programmers, writers, advisers, and all other types of freelance professionals can easily join Upwork for free and get paid on an hourly or fixed basis.

Freelancer is one of the oldest networks that has been around for some time. It offers free and premium memberships for a wide array of clients and freelancers.

As per the name, Fiverr is a freelancing network that helps sell services starting from $5. This rate is pretty precise, and everything revolves around it. You can sell almost anything from DIY projects to music, or a short animated video.

People Per Hour
This is a simple and easy platform that helps users create a customized profile with a video message to promote it. Freelancers can bid on jobs and paid on an hourly basis and get rated for the service and experience they provided.

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